Friday, January 13, 2012

Another day...

Today is another one of "those" days! They just seem to be fleeting by and I can't stop them, no matter how hard I try! I try but I can't seem to stop myself from thinking about the consequences that may arise due to some unforseen dilemmas that have shown their dirty faces...I want them to go back where they came from; never to be seen or heard from again! Is that possible? I doubt it, but I can see that glimmer of hope; it is this glimmer that I will continue to hold onto! Please pray for me and my family...Thank you

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I am a huge worry wart..So it's very hard for me when a circumstance arrises that I have no control over. I have been maxed out lately with the worrying and I can't seem to see an end in sight. The days are drifting on, and time running out; all with me still trying to make sure I can see a way out of this. I will keep trying, worrying and thinking of an "escape plan", but please keep myself and my family in your prayers that God will show us a simple way out.