Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New here...

Hello everyone. I am new to the blogging community, I am hoping it doesn't take me to long to get the hang of things. This is just going to be alittle blog about my family and I and the daily trial and error we face. Thanks for visiting!


  1. You will love blogging and hate blogging at the same time. It's hard to get thoughts to come out the way that I want them and sometimes I edit a bunch of times, but it's a great way to connect with spouses and other people that have your interests! Welcome to blogging, you can check out my blog at www.legosandjets.blogspot.com if you'd like. Welcome to blogging!

  2. Thank you Laura! I tried blogging about a year ago and I guess it just wasn't the right time for me, but I am hoping this go around will work wonderfully! Thanks again!